Las Vegas Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, is one of the major tourist attractions and events of the European calendar. It is an event that attracts daredevils, spectators, and those who want to feel alive. So it is no surprise, then, that the event is being replicated here in the United States for those individuals who cannot wait until they have the time and money to get out to Pamplona.

Running with the bulls is an event that dates back hundreds of years, so why shouldn’t it be done here in the United States, too? Running With The Bulls USA provides all of the same excitement to the adrenaline junkies who want to run with bulls in Spain. The difference is that this event is going to be well organized, slightly safer, and with direct access to world-class medical treatment without suffocating throngs of people pressed around on all sides. The truth is that while minor injuries are common, running with the bulls is highly unlikely to lead to major injuries. The excitement comes not from the threat of injury, but from the rush of running in front of one of the world’s most powerful animals. Leading such an animal by only a few feet during the course of a race is one of the most powerful injectors of adrenaline possible.

If you want to run with the bulls, but do not have the money or time to travel over to Spain, then you might try Running With The Bulls USA. This is an event that has attracted a lot of attention as of late because of its uniqueness, mainly. Running with the Bulls has occurred in Spain for hundreds of years and has even occurred in other locations in Europe and Mexico, but having it occur in the United States is an innovative idea, certainly. Running With The Bulls USA gives people a unique experience that they would otherwise have to cross the globe for.

Running With The Bulls USA is slated to occur in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 25th through October 27th  or in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 11th untilApril 13th. Both occasions offer the same experience. This is not an event that you want to miss out on. It is truly the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to sprint one-fourth of a mile in front of twelve fifteen-hundred pound bulls with horns. This is not a chance that comes along very often. If running with the bulls is on your bucket list, you can check it off without ever leaving the United States.

There is also big money to be won during the run with the bulls. The fastest runner in each heat wins a prize and the individual who scores the most running points over two days wins the grand prize, consisting of $5,000. Anyone who buys multiple runs saves money on the entire purchase. Believe us, once you’ve run once, you will certainly want to run again. If you are not interested or physically able to run yourself, then spectating is still a lot of fun. Tickets for spectators are available for only $10 per person. Individuals can cheer on their friends, family, spouses, or random strangers, from the stands.


Running With The Bulls is of course a dangerous event. Just like sky-diving, big-wave surfing, or motocross, it is an extreme sport that involves some risk. It is certainly not an event that is suited to the feint of heart. That is why all runners must be over eighteen years of age, waivers must be signed, alcohol cannot be involved, and appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn. With that said, Running With The Bulls USA encourages runners to wear whatever sort of running-appropriate clothing they desire. This includes making team t-shirts, painting yourself red, or even make yourself resemble a bull, assuming your clothing does not hinder yourself, the bulls, or other runners. Most importantly, Running With The Bulls USA encourages runners to have fun while staying as safe as they can. This last part is the most important: if you fail to have fun, then Running With The Bulls USA has failed you. They want to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget.